Behind every great company is a true story. Who are we? Why did we build our business? And what makes us the best at what we do, today? Our journey has been anything but ordinary.

Alexandre Nshimiyimana - Our CEO

Alexandre was born in January 1991 in Rwanda, Northern Province, Burera district. He is a passionate and aspiring Agripreneur who was awarded "Best Young Entrepreneur" by the Rwandan Development Board in 2017. He has attended multiple professional trainings and has certificates in agricultural value chain finance, contract farming, business management, and leadership. He aspires to positively impact, socially inspire, and politically empower young people for generations. Alexandre believes that networking and connecting to people is one of the best measures of success.

He has led Sanit Wing from the start, when we had as little as 70 USD. Alex is also a Mandela Washington Fellow from Clark Atlanta University in Georgia USA with professional skills from ATX Food Co in Austin Texas. 

The stories behind our employees.

Uwizeyimana Clarisse

e is our Operations Manger with a backgroung in Business Information and Technology ( BIT) with different experiences in Business information and Project management. She works with us fulltime to uplift and standardize our daily operations at Sanit Wing Ltd.

Twambazimana Josiane
Our Finance Manager is a very honest and talented lady with few words.  A humble woman with smart ideas. She makes sure that our company keeps all the final transactions right and she is committed to bringing a financial institution out of Sanit Wing.

Mpanoyimana Justine

She is a very brilliant young lady with a business  academic background and finance. She is Genaral Operations Manager for Sanit Wing. Sanit Wing needs to grow and make sure its goals are achieved. It is her duty to make sure all strategies and plans are in place for us to reach our growth goals.

Cyubahiro Bienvenu

He is a very energetic young man with multitasking abilities working as the Logistics Manager. He has spent a number of sleepless nights for our business and worked extra hours to make sure everything is in balance.

Uwambaje Marie Paul Kenny

She is our inbound and out-bound Planning Manager. She is a hard working lady with a scientific background.
She is very committed to bring the best to our community.

Iradukunda Daniel

He is our Production Manager, strong and self motived young man, who is using his skills, energy, and time to make our production house a better department.

Angelique Nikuze

She is an aspiring scientist working in the production department and joined our community in early January 2020.

Irasubiza Angelique

She is one of the smartest young leaders we have in our community working at Sanit Wing  with part time to making our company the best of the best.

Tuyihimbaze Jean Bosco

He is a hard working and committed young man working in the production department. He has the role of a further in his family where he lost his father at the young age and helped his sick mother to keep up his other siblings together in school.

Ikizakubuntu Samuel

He is a hard working young man full of energy and ideas. He works with our Avocado Semi-processing team and gives his best to make sure the department stays ahead. We call him a man of few words. And we are always proud that he is part of our team.

Mukashema Bety

As a single mother of two, she is hustling to raise her boys to be exemplary. She is very passionate with Sanit Wing and has been there for the company for over 2 years. And her courage has been our pillar and learning example in our Sanit Wing Community.

Nature Germaine
She is a heroine and a single mother with full commitment and humour to contribute to the community through giving her full time working at Sanit Wing in the Avocado semi-processing department. She does not work with the money on her mind, but with the thought of serving the people.

Mukarushema Angelique
She is a down to earth, humble and very smart young lady working for Sanit Wing in the Avocado Semi- processing department. She was a self made entrepreneur before joining us at Sanit Wing.

Leonci Kankundiye

She is a hustler, a heroine and mother with a great motivation to serve the community. She is also very humble and a kind woman. She walks a long distance everyday to make her contribution to our community as working in the Avocado Semi-processing department and joined us in early January 2020.

Iradukunda Alice

Everything must be registered and the inventory must keep balanced other wise we may wakeup one day and have nothing to do. She is very sharp and bright lady working as the inventory (store) manager for Sanit Wing.